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Fruit & Gift baskets

Fruit & Gift Baskets

Caruso has been packing fruit and gift baskets for over 20 years and is one of the largest pre-made fruit and gift basket packer/shipper in the country.  All of these products are produced in our PrimusGFS inspected, food safety certified facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

We have the ability to develop an entire, customized retail program throughout all price points including organic offerings.  We only use the highest quality of fruits in all of our baskets.  All baskets are carefully packed in specialized boxes and pallet displays so they can be immediatlely put on display for sale without any added labor.  A true Ready To Sell program will save in-store labor dollars as well as maximize sales because of consistent in-stock inventory for impluse purchases.

Call 800-759-7659 or email for more information.