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Caruso Technology

At Caruso Logistics, we understand how crucial it is for our customers to manage their supply chains in real-time. We create a true virtual warehouse for our partners by offering a state of the art, real time Warehouse Management System (WMS) with ordering capabilities via a web secure, customized private network. We also perform inventory cycle counts as well as complete inventory analysis to ensure timely and accurate information. Billing is done electronically with minimal, if any, accessorial charges. Our secure and customized portal allows customers to view inventory levels and transactions in real-time data that can be viewed 24/7/365. Historical data is also maintained in the database.

View the demo of our unique portal for reviewing inventory & transactions, managing purchase order requests, and submitting sales orders.

Our IT infrastructure is easily integrated with any ERP systems using EDI. We offer a wide variety of transaction sets (listed below), or we can customize our data communications to meet your needs.

810 – Invoice
– Purchase Order – Warehouse/Store DSD
– Warehouse shipping order
– Stock transfer shipping advice
– Stock transfer receipt advice
– Warehouse shipping advice
– Warehouse inventory adjustment