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raILCAR Transloading

Caruso Transloading

Caruso is serviced by the Norfolk Southern and is a Midwest transload center for Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS), a national rail-based logistics provider and wholy owned subsidiary of the Union Pacific Railroad. We can transport product to and from grower/shipper/manufacturer to retailer/distributor in a seamless, economical, Just-In-Time manner utilizing rail, trucks and food grade warehousing. This multimodel program combines the economies of long haul rail service with the flexibility of over the road movements and one single bill to equal a total transportation package customized to meet specific customer needs. We have the ability to manage in excess of 50 railcars per week. Our produce transload program consists of full quality assurance and repacking capabilities.

Call 800-759-7659 or email for current transload rates. 

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